30th Jan 2016 log

It has been a while since my last workout and it’s a little disappointing that I still haven’t finished my 30 day challenges. It’s already nearing the end of January and I’m still stuck on day 22. There were a few reasons of the halt, first of all, a crazy public holiday weekend travelling 3 hours+ to go and celebrate my friend’s housewarming. Getting a slight ankle injury whilst walking around in the ‘woods’, then a flood that came through my area where I had much of my time spent recovering a few things.

So I guess I’m making excuses of my lack of exercise, but sometimes, you just don’t have the chance to do the exercise. Whether it’s the lack of time, physical injuries or other priorities. Although the 30 day challenge is on halt (it really takes a long time now…) I did get back into the pilates class. One advantage of my pilates class is that it is just far away enough for me to go for a slight run on my way home. So an hour of pilates (it was much harder today after my few week break from pilates) and a small run. At least I’m getting back into it.

Running stats:

time: 18:49

distance: 3.26 km

average pace: 5:47 /km (yay! under 6:00/km)

elevation: 11m


The Hungarian

This may be a bulk post, but it was Australia day public holiday, and hence I was out and about for the whole extended weekend. Monday night was a dinner out at my friend’s local. It was a Monday hence we decided let’s find anything open, and ear there. How bad could you go on Bridge Road in Richmond?

But this place was a little cutie waiting for us, with Monday night specials.


I can never say no to a special deal, so I ended up ordering a goulash, whole my friend ordered a pork schnitzel.



The interior was quite cute with obviously a European touch, and I thought might as well join the European ambience with a grape and apple fizz from Austria. You can also use your time waiting for the food learning hungarian. The waitress is more than happy to teach you the correct pronunciation.



All in all a delightful place to visit for an affordable meal whilst reminiscing the times I spent in Europe. Great service too. Only downside is the surcharge in credit card use and no split bills.

The Hungarian

362 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC 3121

Mon-Sat 6pm -930pm
Sun 12pm-930pm

Day 22 of 30 day challenge

It’s the weekend! Meaning I have more time for my workout.

So today I decided I will finish off the whole of day 22. Nothing much to add today, other than the fact that I caved into my cravings for chocolates (and biscuits with chocolate in them). In fact, I think it gave me more energy to exercise!

Day 22

Warm up:
25 minutes on exercise bike (lost track of time watching the tennis on the TV)

95 x sit ups
140 x crunches
75 x leg raises
85 s plank (this is getting really difficult… I’m contemplating to stop here until I get better at this)

42 x push ups
85 x dips
95 x jab-cross on each side

155 x squats

Cool down:

Festival of Sails (Geelong)

It is a semi-long weekend, where most people are taking Monday off to enjoy a longer weekend thanks to Australia day(26th Jan) being on Tuesday. On this weekend, there are many different events, but I think this one will be a fun one to go to if you like.

The ‘Festival of Sails’ is an annual event that has been happening since 1844. For those sailing enthusiasts, it is a celeboratory yacht race, and hence you’d be able to see quite a few yachts sailing into Geelong. But for those who are not sailing enthusiasts, you get to enjoy the free entertainment and an abundance of stalls selling food, crafts and even just simple trinkets.

P1260256 (2)
Map of the events happening during the festival

There are definitely more food trucks than the normal Geelong festivals, and even a great coffee van! (This was what made my trip worth it as I wasn’t expecting decent coffee at a festival, and their iced coffee was just a touch of magnificent.)


From the abundant food choices, we had a spud and some Indian. Both the food was quite amazing, but I would highly recommend the spud. There are burgers, tacos, pizzas, hot dogs and all the more, including ice cream. If you venture further, even the local restaurants like taco bell have a stall too.



There are many different activities for the Kids to try (I didn’t have any kids with me so I shied away from it) including waterslides, beach volleyball and other rides they may enjoy. Feel like flying in the sky? The water ski spectacular might make you feel like either a hero or villain from an action movie.


Also, for anyone looking for a nice car to try four-wheel driving (or sitting in one), there is a land rover ‘experience’ area too, where you get to ride in a land rover as it goes over bumps and hills showing off its grip and power.

P1260265 (2)

So I guess there is plenty to see other than ships, yachts and boats (never know the difference between these) so have some fun and venture out. V-line is free this weekend anyway! 🙂

And a token photo of a wooden ship that is on display. You can pay $2 for children or $5 for adults to go inside and have a look Apparently, the only wooden ship left in Victoria!

P1260211 (2)

Dates: 22nd January – 26th January

Cost: free for entry, tickets required for certain sections

Alfa bakehouse Seddon

As I am not going out often enough, I am tending to post all the places I go to. I think this post will be like that.

I have been to Alfa bakehouse originally in Yarraville. I remember it fondly as I used a voucher with my friend and they had given us good food and service.

Now it has expanded to Seddon too. The place was nothing like the normal Melbourne Hipster quirkiness that I have come to like. It is very professional looking and clean, and the place is huge. Even with the size of a double shop-front restaurant, you have to wait for a table on weekends. If it’s not the crazy Melbourne breakfast culture, there must be something to this place then I guess.


As you walk in the door the first thing you notice is the line of fruits. Apparently their smoothies are very nice, but I didn’t get a chance to try. There is definitely enough choice for breakfast, and if you are a lazy person, you can come have your very late breakfast at this place with their ‘all day breakfast’ option.

Menu featuring all day breakfast


The coffee was just a normal quality that you would expect from a cafe. Nothing grand, nothing extraordinary, but not a total waste of your money. The food was great though. And the service very profficient. The serving size is quite big though, so I couldn’t eat much for the rest of the day.


One flat white, one latte


farmers omelette and avocado smash


All in all, a great place to catch up with friends if you’re in the area, with the clean and neat interior making you feel like you’re in a restaurant. As long as you don’t get the mean eyes from people waiting for a table you could spend a good morning/afternoon catching up with friends over a decent breakfast meal.

Alfa bakehouse

42 Anderson St, Yarraville VIC 3013

6:00 -17:00 Mon-Sat
7:00-17:00 Sundays

Day 21-2 of 30 day challenge

So, I wasn’t feeling that great recently. I was also struggling with time as I was coming home too late, and as the days go by in this challenge, it is only the reps that are increased, and hence becoming very time consuming. So, I didn’t really do a full workout for Day 21.

It was a Friday, and hence I thought I can sleep later, might as well try the workout. The weekend is golden time to catch up with my workouts I guess.

Now, I am not a fan of inefficient use of time, so I am going to say, once I finish this challenge, I don’t think I’ll do it again. I will seek out workout plans that will make more use of the time it takes. But, at least finish this challenge once before saying quits.

Day 21-2

Warm up:
10 minutes on exercise bike

90 x sit ups
80 x crunches + 40 x side crunches on each side
70 x leg raises
80 s plank

40 x push ups
80 x dips
90 x jab-cross on each side

150 x squats

Cool down:
15 mins on bike

I can’t wait until I get back into the gym and do some workouts with weights. Gosh am I missing that.



I love going out for breakfast and brunches. I find it is harder for me to go out on weekends, so I end up meeting up with people who are like me(loving breakfasts or brunches) on weekday mornings.
Kinfolk cafe is a convenient location for me to meet my friend as we both go through the cbd to get to work. It is a short walk away from Southern Cross station, on Bourke st.

I have had takeaway coffees from this place, and they had always been good. So I was looking forward to finally having something to eat too.


This place not only does great coffee, but also makes you feel good about it. The interior is neat but homey in a way, but not the most comfortable seating.


I sat down near the window waiting for my friend, and ordered my flat white. It was as delicious as I remembered. I like it that this place doesnt overheat the milk, and the coffee is just strong enough for my taste.


The menu is quite simple,  and I had the eggs special. It was a 63 degree poached egg (just that little bit runny!!) And broccoli, zucchini, eggplant and mushrooms on sourdough. Beautiful!


It doesn’t have the hipster decoration touch such as flowers, but the food was amazing. I was saying to my friend, “could easily be the best breakfast I have had!”

So feel good whilst eating out and drinking coffee, and support a great cafe who really deserve all the $ they charge anyway.

Kinfolk cafe
7:00-15:00 weekdays