James Street Bakery

So It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and it is definitely not because I haven’t been gallivanting around eating and experiencing, but because I was too lazy to post.

I have taken a step back on the exercises though, as my body wasn’t feeling well, but that doesn’t stop me from eating, does it?

There are a few places in Geelong that seem to be famous. (Check out goodfood or 30 best cafes). So when a place appears in both lists, plus your foodie friend who doesn’t even live in Geelong, as well as your friends living in Geelong recommend a place to try, I have no doubt but a desire to try as soon as I can.

The choice was James Street Bakery.

The first trial was a failure as I for some reason automatically assumed cafes are open on Sundays. I did go after church, so it was around lunch time but found the place to be closed. I found this cafe is a little special, where they close on Sundays and only open on the last Sunday for high tea, and high tea only.

After a while, I finally got there on a weekday, and sat down in anticipation of the greatness that was to come.


Taking a seat at the end of a long table, I can take in the essence of the atmosphere in this place. It seems many locals visit here for a sit down and chat with friends over coffee and lunch. The ambience is bright, friendly and relaxed. It feels as you have escaped the rush of the buzz in a CBD. But then again, this is Geelong. 🙂

I ordered a coffee while I waited for a friend.


I’m not a coffee snob, but I have distinct likes and dislikes. Although the flat white was well presented, I wasn’t too overwhelmed by the coffee here. Especially when there is a coffee specialty shop just on the corner of this street called Cartel Coffee Roasters. However, it was the food that my friend had recommended here, so I’m still waiting my ‘awe’ moment.


After a quick study of the menu, we decided on two sourdough sandwiches, the chicken and brie for my friend, and for myself the roasted vegetable and goat’s cheese. (Who can say NO to goat’s cheese?)

Chicken and Brie sandwich
Roasted vegetable and goat’s cheese sandwich

And the awe moment arrived with the sourdough sandwiches. The fillings were just right in flavour, and not too overwhelming creating a nice balance with the sourdough taste of the bread. I do love my sourdoughs though, so it might not be for everyone. The addition of the small salad on the side does ease away the slight cheesy taste afterwards.

As we were preparing to pay and leave, we found the sweets aligned so beautifully waiting to be picked and eaten. The sandwich did leave me a bit full so I think I’ll have to come again for the treats..

Overall, definitely a place to try in Geelong!

James Street Bakery

10 James St, Geelong VIC 3220

7:30-15:30 Mon – Sat


3 thoughts on “James Street Bakery

  1. patrickblampied

    Hey nice story on James Street Bakery, thanks for the pingback on my 30 best cafes blog. Agree the coffee doesn’t stand up to places like Cartel but aren’t their meals and cakes just to die for!!

    1. @patrickblampied yes the bread itself was worth the visit and if their sweets are as good, I will definitely have to go back. Your blog has been great to read as I am fairly new to Geelong and I have been trying a few places on your recommendation.

      1. patrickblampied

        Glad you’ve found it helpful! I moved here a few years back as well and started thinking last year that Geelong needed something Broadsheet-ish, not that it’s quite at that level yet lol. Good to discover another local blogger 🙂

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