Day 22 of 30 day challenge

It’s the weekend! Meaning I have more time for my workout.

So today I decided I will finish off the whole of day 22. Nothing much to add today, other than the fact that I caved into my cravings for chocolates (and biscuits with chocolate in them). In fact, I think it gave me more energy to exercise!

Day 22

Warm up:
25 minutes on exercise bike (lost track of time watching the tennis on the TV)

95 x sit ups
140 x crunches
75 x leg raises
85 s plank (this is getting really difficult… I’m contemplating to stop here until I get better at this)

42 x push ups
85 x dips
95 x jab-cross on each side

155 x squats

Cool down:


One thought on “Day 22 of 30 day challenge

  1. goalliedathletes

    Thanks for sharing your workout with us! Keep up the great work!! You’re almost there!! As athletes we share a common bond. For this reason, we’ve recently created a website and forum for the only people who understand you: other athletes. We bring together former and current athletes and provide a supportive and non-judgmental space for individuals to share their athletic triumphs and struggles. We’d love to hear how working out affects you! See the forums page. We also have a feature that allows athletes to see where there are other athletes in your area (See the members and events page). Thank you for your consideration! Margaret

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