Exercise and menstruation (Day 19 of 30 day challenge)

So, today, I need to touch upon a topic that could be quite sensitive, or maybe too out there. It isn’t a topic that is talked about by people openly. As you may already know, I am a woman. A female. Which means, I get affected by hormonal cycles. Sometimes I get affected more, sometimes less. But I physically as well and mentally feel a difference.

I had read a while back about adjusting your workout routine depending on your menstruation cycle. I didn’t take much notice of it back then but now I am getting older, I want my workouts to be more effective and less likely to result in injury.

According to Ben Greenfield there seems to be a link between hormones and an effective workout. Although there is also counter arguments I seem to agree to the former.

My body does feel different depending on where I am in the cycle, and I don’t feel like a heavy workout some days.

Today was a day like that, and I believe this will continue on for a little while. Which brings me to a dilemma…“what do I do about my workout plan for the 30 day challenge?”
I can’t just stop for a week and start again… or could I?

Anyway, I couldn’t make up my mind so I did progress to day 19, but I took it easy and didn’t push myself. Sigh. The joy of being a woman.

Day 19:
Warm up:
17 minutes on exercise bike

85 x sit ups
120 x crunches
70 x leg raises
75 s plank

38 x push ups
75 x dips
40 x jab-cross (each side)

140 x squats

I think I might be resting from workouts for at least a day or two for now. Seems I do believe in modifying the workout schedule according to your hormones and right now I feel a little unsure about pushing my muscles.


4 thoughts on “Exercise and menstruation (Day 19 of 30 day challenge)

      1. Hey, we’re human. The “bad” days make our badass days seem all the more awesome. And that was by no means a bad day! Think of all the people out there who do NOTHING and eat pure garbage. You need to be proud of yourself!

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