Workout set for 25th Feb 2016

I think I need to revise my technique on the rowing machine. I made a tentative goal for the 2km rowing challenge. To reach 8:30 by the end of the year. However, today I was very disappointed in myself, where I reached 1km and I just couldn’t row anymore. Or maybe I could’ve, but I just gave up.

I wonder what kind of effect giving up during your workout has. Probably more of a psychological disappointment in yourself than actual physical results. They say to push yourself! push yourself! but in reality, what does that achieve? Wouldn’t consistency in the realm of semi-comfortableness be better? Or do you always have to push yourself?

Maybe you need a bit of guilt in your life, like a chocolate cake, to motivate you (although it’s a negative motivation) for a hard workout? I’d been good these couple of days so I didn’t find the need to push myself at the gym today. I wonder what is better? Indulge and push yourself in the workout? Or not indulge and have a semi-gentle workout?

Enough of my blabbering, let’s write down what I actually did.

warm up: 1km row

12 x barbell squat (2 sets 20kg, 2 sets 25kg)

15 x barbell deadlift (2 sets of 20kg)

12 x barbell deadlift (2 sets of 22.5kg)

10 x barbell row (2 sets 20kg, 2 sets 22.5kg)

10 x lunge walk with twist (4 sets 8kg kettlebell)

10 x calf raise with dumbbell (4 sets 10kg each hand)

10 x sumo squat (4 sets 8kg kettlebell)

20 x russian twist (4 sets 7kg medicine ball)

10 x sit up (1 set 0kg, 3 sets 5kg)

12:00 treadmill elevation=1.0, (2:00 @6.0, 8:00 @ 11.0, 1:00 @ 14.0)


Workout set for 23rd Feb 2016

It was a very hot day today, but I haven’t been exercising for a few days so I thought I shouldn’t make the weather as an excuse. To be fair, it was still 38 degrees at 5:00PM. But the gym had an air conditioner left on thankfully by someone who’d been using it before. I guess these are the days you see those who are dedicated come to the gym, and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people who I met working out.

Spent a minute or two warming up on the rowing machine to enter the 2 km rowing competition that’s going on.

2km row in 9:15

10 x dumbbell shoulder press (1 set with 3.5kg each, 3 sets with 5 kg)

10 x dumbbell bench press (1 set with 3.5kg each, 3 sets with 5kg)

10 x dumbbell row (1 set with 3.5kg, 3 sets with 5kg)

10 x dumbbell fly (1 set with 3.5kg, 3 sets with 5kg)

10 x dumbbell side lateral raise (3 sets with 3.5kg)

10 x roman chair back extension (1 set no weight, 3 sets with 5 kg)

treadmill: 1 min walk, 2.5 min jog (speed 11), 45 sec run (speed 14) x 3


The best part today was I rolled out my quads, calves, back and shoulder on the foam roller. It’s torture, but oh, how I’ve missed the feeling. I only know to enjoy it because of what I know it’ll feel tomorrow.

Workout set for 18th February

I blame myself, who else is there to blame? I’m getting so lazy in updating my workout sets, it has become a little too late. I thought I’d be putting up all my workouts, but I can’t even remember what I did before now.

So here goes for the most recent workout set.

warm up: 2km row (achieved 9:33! That’ll be my PB!)

3 sets each

10 x barbell squat 20kg

10 x lunge with twist 6 kg kettlebell

10 x barbell deadlift 20 kg + 5 x barbell row

10 x calf raise (10 kg dumbbell each hand)

20 x russian twist (7kg medicine ball)

10 x dumbbell side bend (7.5 kg)

10 x sit up (10kg weight)


12 minute treadmill run at speed=10.5, elevation=1.0

I think I’m getting a little stronger (and I mean a little!).

Let’s see how it goes with my workouts this week.



NightJar – independent Artists Festival

On Fridays in February, the Nightjar comes to visit Geelong. I remember visiting a couple of years back, moreso stumbling into it on a visit down to Geelong. I had enjoyed the ambience of foodstalls, small marquees selling goods, relaxing in a grass-filled outdoor area. So this time, when I saw the advertisements, I planned for another trip down there.


The first thing you see is the entry, where you pay $5 for a stamp on your hand. Don’t feel too bad about it as it’s raising funds to support local artists. Children under the age of 18 are free to enter, so bring your children along.

As you walk in through the entryway, you see the abundant amount of decorations as well as stalls. Whether they be selling food, dessert, wine or other goods that they have designed. Before anything else, it was food time for us.

P1260610 (2).JPG

We grabbed a pizza, quesadillas and a baked spud. All were quite good quality, and filling too. Of course, we had to have some poffertjes (dutch pancakes) as well. The poffertjes were well made other than the fact the butter was too salty and not enough icing sugar came out of the shaker. Next time, I’ll go for the maple syrup.

Once our bellies were full, we had a look around the stalls. There were stalls selling meringues, which I was tempted to buy for a friend, but was worried it’ll all crumble down. A local steelworks company came down too, showing off some steel artwork. But the most impressive of all was a vintage clothing shop, which had retrofitted a caravan trailer into a shop.


Once a round of the stalls is done, you can sit down for a drink and enjoy the music on stage.


February is showing a nice trend in weather, so hope you get to try this experience before they pack away for next year.

And say hello to the performing artist, and don’t freak out when he starts moving.



4 – 10PM

Workout for 11th Feb 2016

I did go to the gym on Wednesday as well but am struggling with time to update the posts. Probably the biggest problem is the increased travel time from home to work (public transport is having issues) and a recently adopted dog.

Maybe I will write down both workouts to remind me what I was up to.

10th Feb
2km on rowing machine
3 sets of
10 x dumbbell bicep curls (3.5kg)
10 x overhead dumbbell tricep extension (5kg)
10 x pull ups
10 x shoulder press (40 lbs)
10 x seated row (30 lbs)
10 x single leg toe touch

11th Feb
2 km row
15 x squats (10 kg)
15 x dead lift (20kg)
10 x lunge with twist (6kg)
10 x single leg toe touch
20 x seated Russian twist (5kg)
20 x no anchor sit ups
10 min treadmill run

Today is now… rest day!!!!

Workout set for 5th February

So, I decided I will make the gym more often. To make that happen I enlisted a partner in crime. We both seemed to have little motivation when we were doing it alone.

So whether I wanted to go or not I ended up going on Friday. It was a slow session but a good one as I was getting back into my old routines.

Warm up: 10 mins of rowing machine

3 sets of:
15 x squats (10 kg weight)
10 x lunge walk with upper body twist (6kg weight)
10 x reverse sit up (last set with 5 kg)
10 x barbell dead lift  (20kg) with 5 x rows
10 x seated cable row (20 lbs)
10 x hanging leg raise
10 x dumbbell side bend (8kg)
10 x calf raise (10 kg dumbbell each hand)

10 min run + 3 min walk cool down.
~ 5 mins stretch focusing on glutes

That was a good glute exercise with a little back. And the glutes definitely felt it the next day. *pat on back*

Operator 25

It was one of those mornings I could afford a breakfast in the city. I also needed to treat a friend to a good breakfast. So we decided to try out operator 25. I have seen this place pop up here and there on my Facebook, instagram, coffee reviews and what not. So I thought let’s give it a try.

Whenever I go visit a place that is full of hype I try to go on a weekday. This is my magic hour when I  can get to enjoy the vibe without too much crowding and queuing that tends to annoy me.


The entrance was a little hidden in a side street (Wills street) off Latrobe. It was conveniently near flagstaff station, and hence was perfect for me and my friend who needed to go our separate ways from there on.


As soon as you step inside you feel the hip ambience. The tiled walls and the back lit signs and decorations make you feel like you’ve stepped into a diner, but the wooden furniture and central coffee station with sweets screams out “cafe”.

The serving staff is very friendly and attentive and the coffee was great.


The menu was interesting though. Both my friend and I had trouble deciding on what we wanted as the usual wasn’t there.


Nowadays melbourne cafes seem to have a changing seasonal menu all the time. Which makes it interesting to visit the same cafe again and again. But sometimes you want your staple. I guess I was craving a bit of bircher muesli.

In the end we ordered the Matcha crumpets and the smoothie bowl.



Although the flavours were a bit strong for my taste, overall very interesting mix. Cudos to the chef for creating such interesting mixtures. The Matcha crumpets don’t have the Matcha bitterness but more of a fruity tang because of all the berries on top. Which mixed well with the pear and lychee sago. Having these small bubbles pop in your mouth bursting out lychee flavour was definitely a wonderful start of the day.

The smoothie bowl was very interesting as it had a mix of pineapple mango and coconut, which brought out a very sweet flavour, and the rosewater infused watermelon tasted like Turkish delight. There are oats at the bottom of the bowl which my friend only realised after eating half the bowl.

Overall a delightful getaway from the buzz of people heading to work, and most of all, great coffee.!

Operator 25
25 Wills St, Melbourne VIC 3000
7-4 mon-Friday
9-4 weekends