Mörk Chocolate Brew House

When I was at University, I used to indulge in some hot chocolates whenever I could. I was a poor student though, so I was not able to go too often.

When a place proudly sells chocolates, and chocolates only, you would assume they know about their chocolates. And they do. As I started to slow migrate away from being a poor student, you sometimes wish to visit those places you have fond memories of. It was a sad day when I found the shop I used to go to had closed, was a pleasant surprise when I was driving down North Melbourne for a coffee, to find this guilty pleasure.

Entrance sign to Mork

The shop doesn’t have flashy lights, or anything else that suggests the greatness that is within. However, I have since learnt that this is Melbourne style. The subtle signs that only those who know will find.

As delighted as we were, we had come straight from a brunch meeting so both my friend and I were quite full and only wanted a place to have a drink and spend some quiet time. However, both of us forgot about the coffee we were craving, but just the pure indulgence of hot chocolate we could remember from this place.



Once inside, we were greeted with a fresh interior decor and the scent of chocolate wafting about. There is a little corner set up for people to buy the hot chocolate to make at home, as well as a section with cakes and cookies.




Eat in menu

There are different menus for take away and eat in. I guess some of the chocolate indulgences are too difficult to pack into a box or cup for take away. Since we had the time, we decided to try their ‘signature’ dishes.



The layered chocolate was a fine mix between cake and drink. I was advised to drink it first and then use the spoon. It was a fine experience of hot and cold mixed together. A chilled chocolate oozing through the warm creme custard was definitely an experience.





The campfire chocolate was another popular drink, with many people around us having at least one of these on their tables. As my friend describes it, the subtle scent of smoke intensifies the experience of the hot chocolate. Also, the marshmallow is apparently the best she’s tasted.


So, all in all, a great find, and a pleasure for chocoholics like me.

Mörk Chocolate Brew House


Tues-Sun 9:00-17:00


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