Day 5 of 30 day challenge

Day 4 of the 30 day challenge was a rest day. And I rested very well.

Day 5 happened to be on new years eve. It was a 42 degree day, and I headed to the beach as it was church camp. Jumping around in the water breaking some waves, and the running around with kids I thought I had done enough exercise to justify skipping day 5. After yelling “happy new year” I thought I better do the day 5 challenge before I go to sleep. It was a semi new years resolution after all and I can’t break the resolution on day 1! 😉

So for day 5:
30 x sit ups
15 x crunches
25 x leg raises

15 x push ups
15 x dips
25 x jab cross (both side)

50 x squats

Oh my, it is too tiring and I am falling asleep.
Happy new year!


Day 3 of 30 Day Challenge

Today I had a housewarming with my friends. It was a busy day, where you never seem to do enough of shopping when you have a party. We spent all day yesterday shopping, and then this morning I had to go to the shops again. So after a trolley full of shopping, carting the drinks and ice and food around for people to have, saying hello, chatting, saying good-bye, it was a tiring day.

But, once everyone left, I decided I’ll go on with my 30 day challenge. I spiced it up a bit on things that I know I do better, so here it is.

25 x sit-ups
20 x diagonal crunches
20 x leg raises with arms
35 s plank

10 x push-ups
10 x dips
20 x jab-cross (both sides)
20 x upper cut (both sides)
20 x elbows (both sides)

40 x squats

Day 2 of 30 day challenge

As I was getting ready for bed, I realised I had started the 30 day challenge yesterday. It would’ve been like any other day, where I go ‘Oh, that was yesterday… I’ll start again tomorrow’. However, since I had already put the post up online, I couldn’t just say, “Let’s to it tomorrow”. So I guess the blogging has its benefits.. MOTIVATION!!!!

So, here is my 2nd day of the 30 day challenge.

20 x sit-ups
8 x crunches
8 x leg raises
30 s plank (Since I can already do 30 secs.. easing into increasing)

8 x push-ups
8 x dips
15 x jab-cross for each side

30 x squats (again, increasing the squats more rapidly since this one’s not too hard for me)

So I guess this is semi-personalised since I’m increasing reps myself when I know I can do it easily.




30 Day challenges


When I went to the UK to visit a friend, she was in the process of a 30-day challenge. It seemed somewhat absurd as I’m not a believer of 16-week bikini body challenge etc., but she was a fan of this exercise and said she had completed it twice that year. I didn’t know how much it meant to ‘finish the challenge’ twice, and now I have more respect for her.

I thought I might give it a go about 2 years ago, thinking it will give me a program to do when I couldn’t be bothered thinking. Since then I haven’t finished it even once. So, since this is the time to set impossible challenges, I started the 30 day challenge again.

Although the chart says it all, here we go, the start (Yay! to being day 1, always the easiest part):

15 x sit-ups
5 x crunches
5 x leg raises
20 s plank (I tried doing a little more…)

5 x push-ups
5 x dips
10 x jab-cross sets (on each side)
Slightly modifying the program as I don’t like meaningless punches and I don’t have weights for the bicep curls

10 x squats



A running start at the end of the year

When I got into the knack of running last year I was so keen on improving my record. It took me 5 months to decide and buy a gps running watch (loving my garmin vivoactive) and since then I didn’t get a chance to run.
Now that it was Christmas I decided why not make a start? It was a very hot day in Geelong but a lovely evening. The beach was too crowded as everyone was out enjoying their holidays but I thought I will go for a run now.
Since I am not hitting the Gym that often, I thought I’ll keep a record of my running to keep me motivated.

Total distance: 2.26km
Time: 13 mins 44sec
Elevation: 19m
Pace: 6 mins/km

So I guess if I could run continuously I could run 5 km in 30mins?

Maybe I should start c25k?

Benefits of Pilates

In the middle of the year I got into a motor vehicle accident. It involved two cars being written off and my first ride in an ambulance. Unfortunately it was the day after I bought my garmin vivoactive, (I was very much getting into long-distance running). I was told I wasn’t allowed to run for the next few weeks. I wasn’t allowed any strenuous exercise at all, and even had to reduce duties at work.

The fortunate part of this story is that I got introduced to something called Pilates. Until I started clinical pilates with my physiotherapist, my only encounter was a floor-based group session at the gym. Went once, and never again did I set foot in that studio again.

However, the benefit of doing proper physio is that it strengthens the muscles of your core to sustain your posture and reduce the strain in your body. Just read this webpage: Better Health: Pilates and Yoga.

I’ve found that exercise doesn’t necessarily have to feel strenuous to be effective. You don’t have to break a sweat to do good for your body. Due to my reduced exercise order from my doctor, I ended up walking a lot as a substitute. Two months of continuous walking everyday, I was finding that it was helping my leg strength and also, some of that belly-fat. So until now I’ve been boo boo-ing the world of the Pilates-sorts, and saying “That’s not a workout unless you feel it the next day!”. Now, I say, whatever rocks your boat, go for it.

Treat that body with respect.

♥ Lubullu

Starting over in 2016

It is a mean thing… something called a ‘New Years Resolution’. That never goes on for more than a few weeks. It’s even worse when that new years resolution was 2 years ago.

In my defence, it has been a busy 2015. My family decided to move back to Australia, where I live, and since they’ve come here, I’ve had less time to myself.

I’ve had a busy time at work, trying to wriggle some rewards for myself (which is always more work than anticipated), and I’ve finally jumped in and joined the market of homeowners.

Now that I’ve moved into a place that I can literally call my home, I’ve decided I may re-visit some of my old hobbies. One, was this blog.

I think the blog only started as a method of keeping track of my exercises and my food fetish. Now, I’m thinking, maybe it’s a way of keeping track of history, of who I once was. So that the future me can look at this a go, ah… yeah.. I used to be like that.

So once again, I set myself another impossible goal to achieve. Re-start a new years resolution, and re-start the bandwagon of exercise.

I won’t have that many food fetishes to blog about due to my lack of eating out due to the extended travel time (I could only afford a house quite far away from the city). However, who knows, this is only to remind my future self how I used to live in 2015-2016.