30th Jan 2016 log

It has been a while since my last workout and it’s a little disappointing that I still haven’t finished my 30 day challenges. It’s already nearing the end of January and I’m still stuck on day 22. There were a few reasons of the halt, first of all, a crazy public holiday weekend travelling 3 hours+ to go and celebrate my friend’s housewarming. Getting a slight ankle injury whilst walking around in the ‘woods’, then a flood that came through my area where I had much of my time spent recovering a few things.

So I guess I’m making excuses of my lack of exercise, but sometimes, you just don’t have the chance to do the exercise. Whether it’s the lack of time, physical injuries or other priorities. Although the 30 day challenge is on halt (it really takes a long time now…) I did get back into the pilates class. One advantage of my pilates class is that it is just far away enough for me to go for a slight run on my way home. So an hour of pilates (it was much harder today after my few week break from pilates) and a small run. At least I’m getting back into it.

Running stats:

time: 18:49

distance: 3.26 km

average pace: 5:47 /km (yay! under 6:00/km)

elevation: 11m


2 thoughts on “30th Jan 2016 log

  1. 30 day challenges are tough- I never seem to fulfill them either! Therefore, I set challenges to be more long-term and find it easier to meet my goals that way. Great job getting out there and running! 🙂

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