I love going out for breakfast and brunches. I find it is harder for me to go out on weekends, so I end up meeting up with people who are like me(loving breakfasts or brunches) on weekday mornings.
Kinfolk cafe is a convenient location for me to meet my friend as we both go through the cbd to get to work. It is a short walk away from Southern Cross station, on Bourke st.

I have had takeaway coffees from this place, and they had always been good. So I was looking forward to finally having something to eat too.


This place not only does great coffee, but also makes you feel good about it. The interior is neat but homey in a way, but not the most comfortable seating.


I sat down near the window waiting for my friend, and ordered my flat white. It was as delicious as I remembered. I like it that this place doesnt overheat the milk, and the coffee is just strong enough for my taste.


The menu is quite simple,  and I had the eggs special. It was a 63 degree poached egg (just that little bit runny!!) And broccoli, zucchini, eggplant and mushrooms on sourdough. Beautiful!


It doesn’t have the hipster decoration touch such as flowers, but the food was amazing. I was saying to my friend, “could easily be the best breakfast I have had!”

So feel good whilst eating out and drinking coffee, and support a great cafe who really deserve all the $ they charge anyway.

Kinfolk cafe
7:00-15:00 weekdays


2 thoughts on “Kinfolk

  1. This is a great post! It’s fun for me to read about other people’s day to day lives around the globe. And I always love seeing menus (can’t read one without choosing what I would order) and food pics!

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