Yuulong Lavender estate

It was going to be another sunny (not scorching) saturday, so we decided to go for a small trip to the Yuulong lavender farm. I did see that the lavender festival just happened last week (at another farm) where they harvest all the lavenders. So I thought I’ll give this place a go since they never mentioned anything about harvesting yet.

This place is located near Ballarat, so if you were coming from Melbourne, you could do a quick pitstop on your way to Ballarat, and then enjoy a visit to the gold mines as well. As I’m not coming from Melbourne, and I have already been to Ballarat, we went through the backways to this local beauty.

It’s not an easy place to find since the entry is not marked with flashing lights or anything. Just look out for a few flag-like things, but google map’s location setting was quite accurate, so the location that google maps sent me to was the start of the entry way.

P1250961 (2)
Entry into the cafe and shop

After the subtle climb up with the car, we found our ways to the car park for the cafe and shopfront. The surroundings are quite serene, and I was excited to get some food inside me. (It was about an hour drive for me)

P1250966 (2)
Entry into the cafe and shop

We stopped by the garden on our way into the cafe. So we ended up going in the back door of the cafe, but the garden was a good start to our visit. It isn’t a huge garden, but very cute and set like a little maze. So we had a bit of fun trying to go through all the little road ways that was open.

The shop sells lavender plants as well as all sorts of lavender products you could imagine. It also had lavender flavoured white hot chocolate or lavender cookies!


We ordered some food and enjoyed it outside in the cafe deck. Although I wanted to sit inside as it looked so bright but cozy, my mum likes to sit outside looking at the open space.

Considering this is the view you get from the deck, I didn’t mind either.

view from the cafe deck

The typical devonshire tea (scones and tea/coffee) is here, but most people were going for the lavender cookies. (Now, I couldn’t try it at the time.. but I will try one day..)

After filling my growling stomach, we went and had a walk around the lavender plants. Apparently, this place was where a new breed of lavenders were found, so it was named ‘yuulong lavender’. Until I came here I never knew there were so many different types of lavenders!

As we were walking around the lavenders, I felt like I was in a bee hive. There are so many bees around the lavender plants, so you have to be careful when taking pictures. It’s an interesting feeling when you sit down next to a flower to take a picture and all you can hear is the buzzing of bees.

stretch of lavenders on the hill


Unfortunately, many of the plants had been harvested or cut, and the remaining flowers were mostly dry. It seems lavender season is December to January, so I’ll have to come again at the end of this year.

Yuulong lavender estate
admission: free
open: weekends and public holidays (10:00-16:30)
address: 58 Sharrocks Rd, Mount Egerton VIC 3352


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