Workout set 6th February 2014

As i am off work today, I thought i might as well give the day off for workout too. In anticipation, I did go through a combined workout yesterday. It was chest/shoulder and arms.

Group 1:
10 x barbell curl to press (12.5kg) – this involves holding the barbell palm down and lifting from bottom position up to shoulder like a curl and then push on to an over head press.
10 x dumbbell chest flyes (5kg each hand)

Group 2:
10 x hammer curl (5kg each hand)
10 x lying tricep press (12.5kg barbell)

And a little bit on the treadmill….

i am feeling a little tired and stressed as i am organizing moving so I am rewarding myself with a passionfruit and lemon curd muffin.. I think I deserve a little treat after that workout!



Workout set 4th February 2014

Maybe I didn’t squat enough yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling it much in my legs. Maybe a little bit in my hamstrings, and for some reason I can always deadlift more than what I feel I should. Being a very windy day yesterday, I decided to leave my bike at work and hitch a ride with a friend home. The result, I was torn how to get to work. I usually drive, or ride my bike as the bike track is about 6.5km, but today I didn’t want to drive as I needed to pick up my bike from work, and the bus wasn’t coming for another 30 minutes. So I decided to walk…. and it was long.. roughly a 5km walk, took me about 50~55 minutes, and I was earlier than the bus! WIN!

Anyway, so I’m thinking the long walk probably helped in the post-workout of the legs… my colleague, hearing this, said he’ll push me harder today.. and NOOOOOOOO!!!! today was abs..

Group 1:

10 x lying leg raises (on bench to lower legs further beyond hips – targeting lower abs)

10 x standing oblique bends (12kg – 12.5kg)

Group 2:

10 x stability ball jack knife sit-up (legs on a yoga ball, in push up position, bring your knees to your chest whilst keeping the legs on the yoga ball, slowly return to position)

10 x Russian twists (7kg)

As the plan was to ride back home and I had volleyball tonight, I decided the treadmill could pass, and went straight to stretching. I have to say the workouts must be working since even after such a tiring session, and a very tiring ride home (so much wind!) I was able to play a good game of volleyball and all my teammates have commented how much better my sets have become. Yay!!!

Workout set 3rd February 2014

Its the start of the week again and we always start with legs for some reason.
So it was a leg workout day today.

Group 1:
10 x Weighted squat (15kg in front)
10 x single leg jump on bench (for each leg)

Group 2:
10 x stiff leg deadlift (22.5kg)
10 x squat jump

As usual German volume training of 5 sets of each group, rest and another 5.

And a little run on the treadmill…. Oh ho ho… this is not what I expected….
Feeling sore and sore and sore as I also played half an hour of beach volleyball as I was walking out of the gym…..


Workout set 30th January 2014

Oh my, i just realized I didn’t put up my exercise sets from last week.people must’ve been thinking i have been slack and just splurging in the Chinese New Year feasts.
Late, but better than never: chest and shoulder workout for Thursday

Group 1:
10 x triple press (5kg dumbbell each hand)
10 x barbell row (20kg)

The triple press is a workout set of:
1. Overhead shoulder press
2. Inclined shoulder raise
3. Dumbbell bench press
Doing 10 reps of each with the same dumbbells.. so probably works your shoulders more than anything.

Group 2:
10 x lateral pull down (machine 50 lbs)
10 x push up

I think the German volume training of 5 sets of each group, rest, and another 5 sets was not ideal for the triple press as I was feeling a bit sick by the time I went to group 2. So i ended up giving up group 2 after 2 sets….
I dont know how people do this!!!!


Gelato Messina

A line in Melbourne, oh, so not nice.

I am a hater of lines.. but this place I decided to line up as my friend told me the queue generally moves fast. Gelato Messina is a well known gelati place in Sydney, and this one in Fitzroy is the first to open in Melbourne. When I first saw the queue I was skeptical.

The queue in front of Messina
The queue in front of Messina

However, I thought, how often do I come up to Collingwood? Surely, I can just wait a little to try this ice cream out. I have to say, it was quite an experience with the ice cream flavours available.

Gelato Messina menu
Gelato Messina menu

There is even more on the specials board and although I have only been able to taste two, they were both great.


It is a very busy place in the inside, but just make your way through people when you get to the top of the queue as some people just stand around talking and deciding. I guess the Asian in me got the better of me and I did my best to push in politely.

The flavours I bought was ‘Jackin it up’ and the salted caramel and white chocolate.
It was smooth and tasteful and OH my the salted caramel so salty and white chocolate real chocolate!
Maybe it is not worth the queue as it is, but i would go back on a easy day and get some more of this gelati.

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The Horn, African Restaurant

Having a friend living in Collingwood is a good reason to go up to the neighbourhood for some exquisite cuisines of Melbourne. Today is ‘The Horn‘ which is an Ethiopian restaurant. It’s at 20 Johnston Street Collingwood VIC 3066, with easy parking on Johnston street or Fitzroy Street.

entry to the Horn restaurant
entry to the Horn restaurant

The interior of the place is quirky and colourful.


There is a good selection of food, both meat and vegetarian dishes. It is Ethiopian food, so be prepared to eat with your hands, as it is kindly explained at the start of the menu.

How to eat Ethiopian
How to eat Ethiopian

We ordered the Doro Salad, Godin Tibs special, Asa Tibs, Veggie Alecha, and a goat dish which has escaped my memory.


The food is quite flavoursome, but the salad was a little disappointing. The chicken was a bit tough, and it is quite difficult to eat a salad with hands. The goat dish was extremely nice, with the meat falling off the bones, and I’ve never had goat meat before so it was a fresh change.

The fish and lamb was on the spicy side, but it was quite nice and I think the vegetables was a little bland, but I still loved the flavours. There is live music on Sunday nights, which we only enjoyed the start of as we were leaving around 8 and the music started about then.

The place is definitely worth visiting just for the experience.
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