Moomba Festival

Melbourne is home of many festivals, but Moomba has been a crowd favourite due to the labour day public holiday and the parades that happen on that day. It is also a celebration of arts and sports, where watersports attract another crowd on the yarra river. I guess it is the convenience of the location (right next to Flinders Street Station) that it attracts such a crowd.


There are many activities for both children and adults. There are specific children’s programs which you should check out before heading out. Each year, there are different types of rides, attractions and entertainment as well as food stalls. As we had no children in our group, we went straight for the food and snacks to fill our bellies before exploring.


I don’t generally visit a festival more than once, but I have been to Moomba on more than one occasion, and it’s always a surprise to see how much the food quality has increased. Instead of greasy chips or a standard wet and soggy hotdog, you get an abundance of choice nowadays. I guess it might be a Melbourne thing, but even the coffee from the donut truck was quite amazing.

Other than the food, there is ample entertainment, on the main stages as well as other small stages across the grounds. There are water sports and skateboard competitions as well as on-stage music that you can bob your head along to. And if you want to try your luck there are plenty of games stalls that lure you in with the giant plush toys. Beware though! They are not easy to win!

If you want to get more thrill for you money, you can always try some rides as well. Even though they are portable units that travel to many places, these machines are a lot stronger and sturdier than you think, and give you more than ample exhilaration.


To end it all, make sure you secure a spot on the yarra to see the fireworks on around 21:30 each night. Although my post is late for this year’s moomba, make your plans and keep the labour day long weekend free for a visit to the Moomba festival in 2017.



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