Alfa bakehouse Seddon

As I am not going out often enough, I am tending to post all the places I go to. I think this post will be like that.

I have been to Alfa bakehouse originally in Yarraville. I remember it fondly as I used a voucher with my friend and they had given us good food and service.

Now it has expanded to Seddon too. The place was nothing like the normal Melbourne Hipster quirkiness that I have come to like. It is very professional looking and clean, and the place is huge. Even with the size of a double shop-front restaurant, you have to wait for a table on weekends. If it’s not the crazy Melbourne breakfast culture, there must be something to this place then I guess.


As you walk in the door the first thing you notice is the line of fruits. Apparently their smoothies are very nice, but I didn’t get a chance to try. There is definitely enough choice for breakfast, and if you are a lazy person, you can come have your very late breakfast at this place with their ‘all day breakfast’ option.

Menu featuring all day breakfast


The coffee was just a normal quality that you would expect from a cafe. Nothing grand, nothing extraordinary, but not a total waste of your money. The food was great though. And the service very profficient. The serving size is quite big though, so I couldn’t eat much for the rest of the day.


One flat white, one latte


farmers omelette and avocado smash


All in all, a great place to catch up with friends if you’re in the area, with the clean and neat interior making you feel like you’re in a restaurant. As long as you don’t get the mean eyes from people waiting for a table you could spend a good morning/afternoon catching up with friends over a decent breakfast meal.

Alfa bakehouse

42 Anderson St, Yarraville VIC 3013

6:00 -17:00 Mon-Sat
7:00-17:00 Sundays


3 thoughts on “Alfa bakehouse Seddon

  1. I’ve never seen avocado mash on a menu (in the US). It looks delicious. Is it seasoned or basically just avocado mashed with goat cheese? I’d like to try to duplicate the recipe at home! Thanks!

    1. The avo smash is a near staple in Melbourne cafes. I guess it must be the avocado superfood craze. It is mostly smashed up avocado with goats cheese and a bit of lemon squeeze and pepper. I think there are many different versions of this too.

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