Day 21-2 of 30 day challenge

So, I wasn’t feeling that great recently. I was also struggling with time as I was coming home too late, and as the days go by in this challenge, it is only the reps that are increased, and hence becoming very time consuming. So, I didn’t really do a full workout for Day 21.

It was a Friday, and hence I thought I can sleep later, might as well try the workout. The weekend is golden time to catch up with my workouts I guess.

Now, I am not a fan of inefficient use of time, so I am going to say, once I finish this challenge, I don’t think I’ll do it again. I will seek out workout plans that will make more use of the time it takes. But, at least finish this challenge once before saying quits.

Day 21-2

Warm up:
10 minutes on exercise bike

90 x sit ups
80 x crunches + 40 x side crunches on each side
70 x leg raises
80 s plank

40 x push ups
80 x dips
90 x jab-cross on each side

150 x squats

Cool down:
15 mins on bike

I can’t wait until I get back into the gym and do some workouts with weights. Gosh am I missing that.



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