Festival of Sails (Geelong)

It is a semi-long weekend, where most people are taking Monday off to enjoy a longer weekend thanks to Australia day(26th Jan) being on Tuesday. On this weekend, there are many different events, but I think this one will be a fun one to go to if you like.

The ‘Festival of Sails’ is an annual event that has been happening since 1844. For those sailing enthusiasts, it is a celeboratory yacht race, and hence you’d be able to see quite a few yachts sailing into Geelong. But for those who are not sailing enthusiasts, you get to enjoy the free entertainment and an abundance of stalls selling food, crafts and even just simple trinkets.

P1260256 (2)
Map of the events happening during the festival

There are definitely more food trucks than the normal Geelong festivals, and even a great coffee van! (This was what made my trip worth it as I wasn’t expecting decent coffee at a festival, and their iced coffee was just a touch of magnificent.)


From the abundant food choices, we had a spud and some Indian. Both the food was quite amazing, but I would highly recommend the spud. There are burgers, tacos, pizzas, hot dogs and all the more, including ice cream. If you venture further, even the local restaurants like taco bell have a stall too.



There are many different activities for the Kids to try (I didn’t have any kids with me so I shied away from it) including waterslides, beach volleyball and other rides they may enjoy. Feel like flying in the sky? The water ski spectacular might make you feel like either a hero or villain from an action movie.


Also, for anyone looking for a nice car to try four-wheel driving (or sitting in one), there is a land rover ‘experience’ area too, where you get to ride in a land rover as it goes over bumps and hills showing off its grip and power.

P1260265 (2)

So I guess there is plenty to see other than ships, yachts and boats (never know the difference between these) so have some fun and venture out. V-line is free this weekend anyway! 🙂

And a token photo of a wooden ship that is on display. You can pay $2 for children or $5 for adults to go inside and have a look Apparently, the only wooden ship left in Victoria!

P1260211 (2)

Dates: 22nd January – 26th January

Cost: free for entry, tickets required for certain sections


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