Workout set for 18th February

I blame myself, who else is there to blame? I’m getting so lazy in updating my workout sets, it has become a little too late. I thought I’d be putting up all my workouts, but I can’t even remember what I did before now.

So here goes for the most recent workout set.

warm up: 2km row (achieved 9:33! That’ll be my PB!)

3 sets each

10 x barbell squat 20kg

10 x lunge with twist 6 kg kettlebell

10 x barbell deadlift 20 kg + 5 x barbell row

10 x calf raise (10 kg dumbbell each hand)

20 x russian twist (7kg medicine ball)

10 x dumbbell side bend (7.5 kg)

10 x sit up (10kg weight)


12 minute treadmill run at speed=10.5, elevation=1.0

I think I’m getting a little stronger (and I mean a little!).

Let’s see how it goes with my workouts this week.




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