NightJar – independent Artists Festival

On Fridays in February, the Nightjar comes to visit Geelong. I remember visiting a couple of years back, moreso stumbling into it on a visit down to Geelong. I had enjoyed the ambience of foodstalls, small marquees selling goods, relaxing in a grass-filled outdoor area. So this time, when I saw the advertisements, I planned for another trip down there.


The first thing you see is the entry, where you pay $5 for a stamp on your hand. Don’t feel too bad about it as it’s raising funds to support local artists. Children under the age of 18 are free to enter, so bring your children along.

As you walk in through the entryway, you see the abundant amount of decorations as well as stalls. Whether they be selling food, dessert, wine or other goods that they have designed. Before anything else, it was food time for us.

P1260610 (2).JPG

We grabbed a pizza, quesadillas and a baked spud. All were quite good quality, and filling too. Of course, we had to have some poffertjes (dutch pancakes) as well. The poffertjes were well made other than the fact the butter was too salty and not enough icing sugar came out of the shaker. Next time, I’ll go for the maple syrup.

Once our bellies were full, we had a look around the stalls. There were stalls selling meringues, which I was tempted to buy for a friend, but was worried it’ll all crumble down. A local steelworks company came down too, showing off some steel artwork. But the most impressive of all was a vintage clothing shop, which had retrofitted a caravan trailer into a shop.


Once a round of the stalls is done, you can sit down for a drink and enjoy the music on stage.


February is showing a nice trend in weather, so hope you get to try this experience before they pack away for next year.

And say hello to the performing artist, and don’t freak out when he starts moving.



4 – 10PM


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