Cottle on Coventry

I am a lover of the south Melbourne market. One thing I love is the variety of shops that are around the market. One of the shops being the coffee shop on coventry street. cottle on coventry.

Cottle on coventry

My housemates introduced this shop as I commented on the amazing scent of their coffee.
They also have the $8 coffee and cake deal or the $12.75 piadina and coffee deal. Their piadina is like a toasted Turkish bread, but i have heard they are Italian style toasted sandwiches.

Chicken piadina and coffee

I have had the mushroom piadina before, and I this time I ordered the chicken one. The mushroom piadina has haloumi as well which was amazing, and the chicken one had mushrooms, spinach and melted cheese. The coffee is smooth and deep and the milk is always frothed to the right texture and temperature.
You can buy coffee beans here too, so have a visit



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