Workout set for 25th Feb 2016

I think I need to revise my technique on the rowing machine. I made a tentative goal for the 2km rowing challenge. To reach 8:30 by the end of the year. However, today I was very disappointed in myself, where I reached 1km and I just couldn’t row anymore. Or maybe I could’ve, but I just gave up.

I wonder what kind of effect giving up during your workout has. Probably more of a psychological disappointment in yourself than actual physical results. They say to push yourself! push yourself! but in reality, what does that achieve? Wouldn’t consistency in the realm of semi-comfortableness be better? Or do you always have to push yourself?

Maybe you need a bit of guilt in your life, like a chocolate cake, to motivate you (although it’s a negative motivation) for a hard workout? I’d been good these couple of days so I didn’t find the need to push myself at the gym today. I wonder what is better? Indulge and push yourself in the workout? Or not indulge and have a semi-gentle workout?

Enough of my blabbering, let’s write down what I actually did.

warm up: 1km row

12 x barbell squat (2 sets 20kg, 2 sets 25kg)

15 x barbell deadlift (2 sets of 20kg)

12 x barbell deadlift (2 sets of 22.5kg)

10 x barbell row (2 sets 20kg, 2 sets 22.5kg)

10 x lunge walk with twist (4 sets 8kg kettlebell)

10 x calf raise with dumbbell (4 sets 10kg each hand)

10 x sumo squat (4 sets 8kg kettlebell)

20 x russian twist (4 sets 7kg medicine ball)

10 x sit up (1 set 0kg, 3 sets 5kg)

12:00 treadmill elevation=1.0, (2:00 @6.0, 8:00 @ 11.0, 1:00 @ 14.0)


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