Workout set for 5th February

So, I decided I will make the gym more often. To make that happen I enlisted a partner in crime. We both seemed to have little motivation when we were doing it alone.

So whether I wanted to go or not I ended up going on Friday. It was a slow session but a good one as I was getting back into my old routines.

Warm up: 10 mins of rowing machine

3 sets of:
15 x squats (10 kg weight)
10 x lunge walk with upper body twist (6kg weight)
10 x reverse sit up (last set with 5 kg)
10 x barbell dead lift  (20kg) with 5 x rows
10 x seated cable row (20 lbs)
10 x hanging leg raise
10 x dumbbell side bend (8kg)
10 x calf raise (10 kg dumbbell each hand)

10 min run + 3 min walk cool down.
~ 5 mins stretch focusing on glutes

That was a good glute exercise with a little back. And the glutes definitely felt it the next day. *pat on back*


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