Operator 25

It was one of those mornings I could afford a breakfast in the city. I also needed to treat a friend to a good breakfast. So we decided to try out operator 25. I have seen this place pop up here and there on my Facebook, instagram, coffee reviews and what not. So I thought let’s give it a try.

Whenever I go visit a place that is full of hype I try to go on a weekday. This is my magic hour when I  can get to enjoy the vibe without too much crowding and queuing that tends to annoy me.


The entrance was a little hidden in a side street (Wills street) off Latrobe. It was conveniently near flagstaff station, and hence was perfect for me and my friend who needed to go our separate ways from there on.


As soon as you step inside you feel the hip ambience. The tiled walls and the back lit signs and decorations make you feel like you’ve stepped into a diner, but the wooden furniture and central coffee station with sweets screams out “cafe”.

The serving staff is very friendly and attentive and the coffee was great.


The menu was interesting though. Both my friend and I had trouble deciding on what we wanted as the usual wasn’t there.


Nowadays melbourne cafes seem to have a changing seasonal menu all the time. Which makes it interesting to visit the same cafe again and again. But sometimes you want your staple. I guess I was craving a bit of bircher muesli.

In the end we ordered the Matcha crumpets and the smoothie bowl.



Although the flavours were a bit strong for my taste, overall very interesting mix. Cudos to the chef for creating such interesting mixtures. The Matcha crumpets don’t have the Matcha bitterness but more of a fruity tang because of all the berries on top. Which mixed well with the pear and lychee sago. Having these small bubbles pop in your mouth bursting out lychee flavour was definitely a wonderful start of the day.

The smoothie bowl was very interesting as it had a mix of pineapple mango and coconut, which brought out a very sweet flavour, and the rosewater infused watermelon tasted like Turkish delight. There are oats at the bottom of the bowl which my friend only realised after eating half the bowl.

Overall a delightful getaway from the buzz of people heading to work, and most of all, great coffee.!

Operator 25
25 Wills St, Melbourne VIC 3000
7-4 mon-Friday
9-4 weekends


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