Workout log 1st February

So, I forgot to upload my workout log from Monday. A fresh new week, a fresh new month, a fresh new start. My first day back at the gym.
Unfortunately my 30 day challenge us on halt. And after my gym session, I am thinking whether it should eternally be on hold. Dilemma! I do want to say I finished it at least once, but the stupid thing takes just too long!!! I am an engineer by trade, and not a fan of inefficiency. So, not sure if I will continue with that challenge, but it sure felt good to be back at the gym.

5:00 warm up on rowing machine
3 sets of:
10x situp with 5kg weight
10x hanging leg raise
10x bent over dumbell rear delt raise (5kg single hand)
10x over hand grip lying pull up row
10x under hand grip lying pull up row

For the overhead dumbbell shoulder press I changed around the weights:
10 x 2.5kg (each hand)
10 x 3.5kg (each hand)
10 x 5kg (each hand)
I wasnt sure how well my shoulder would act as this was my semi-first gym workout after my car accident. The 5 kg weight did seem like a push buy next time I will try two sets with the 5kg.

10:00 treadmill run (~10.5)
45:00 walk

Now that I wrote it in person it seems like a not so bad workout. I should stay motivated and continue with the gym more often.


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