Day 18 of 30 day challenge

So, I have been confusing my workout days and doing a little differently here and there. Now, I think it is better to claim yesterday’s workout as day 18 instead of day 16 since day 16 is a rest day and I have already done day 17 workout. Would this be cheating? But I am doing the reps…

Day 18:
Warm up:
13 minutes on exercise bike

80 x sit ups
110 x crunches
65 x leg raises
70 s plank (I cheated and paused in the middle… only for a second or so….)

36 x push ups
70 x dips
80 x jab-cross (each side)

130 x squats

So I suddenly jumped in the reps for a few things like crunches and squats, but what I actually struggled was the push ups and dips. I know I have a very weak upper body, but geez, my arms, shoulders and back… hold up please!!


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