Day 15 of 30 day challenge

Finally I reach half mark!
I decided Thursday is the best for my pilates class, so was going to only do pilates. But, after making excuses of everything in moderation and then another day of rest because it was 42 degrees and too hot, I couldn’t skip again. I am mid way through this challenge, I really want to try to finish it this time.
So even after a 1 hour pilates class I completed the workout set for day 15.

Day 15:
Warm up:
40 x jumping jacks

75 x sit ups
90 x crunches
60 x leg raises
65 s plank

35 x push ups
60 x dips
75 x jab-cross (each side)

115 x squats

So, I think I was looking at day 17 chart instead of day 15, but I will just have to blame my bad memory. Another day complete!


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