Cafe lafayette

It was a crazy windy day today but it was also a brunch/lunch date with a friend I had planned a week ago. So despite the crazy weather we decided to go and enjoy the windy beach view at Cafe Lafayette in Port Melbourne. I don’t know why they named the cafe as Lafayette but the only clue I got from Google was about a count who existed. Maybe he liked breakfasts.  Maybe it wasn’t about him. It didn’t matter. Because they have good coffee.

I remember this place being somewhat different. I came here for breakfast with friends a couple of years back and was quite disappointed. So to see this place getting revamped, I thought I will give it another chance. The interior is very bright and the vibe is quite fun and modern. Clean? Would also be another good word to describe this place. The subtle colours are inviting yet quite simple not to overwhelm you.


Their coffee board shows how much they care about their coffees. I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to try their filter but I am willing to visit again just for that purpose. So watch this space.

The location is great towatch the people getting on and off the ferry (spirit of tasmanania was fun to watch with the tug boats pulling it…). On a sunny day I think it will be even better to have a seat next to the window and stare out at the water.

Although there is ample choice of coffee and tea variety (even Matcha latte or super crazy smoothies/milkshakes) we opted for the flat white. The coffee was strong with just a hint of bitterness in the after taste. I don’t know the correct way of describing the taste, but it is a soft bitter taste that is more like a subtle burnt wood flavour.
The food choice is incredible where I was staring at the menu and struggling to choose for 15 minutes before deciding on a  french toast.


If I haven’t mentioned before, I am a sucker for chocolate and cheese. Both the Matcha hotcakes and french toast had mascarpone in them, which I adore. The Matcha hotcakes even had honeycomb sprinkled on top. The equivalent of the honeycomb for the french toast must have been the caramel popcorn.

OK. I admit, it was sweet. But it was so good. As I saw what other people were eating, I think the eggs, Matcha hotcakes or the ocean trout is generally a favourite here.

I think the place doesn’t open till late though, and hence would be my place of choice for morning coffee or brunch. The only downside is that you can’t get there easily by public transport. There is a 109 tram going close by though.

I would definitely recommend this place and I would re-visit to taste the filter coffee and crazy shakes.


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