Everything in moderation

When I was young, my moto used to be,

work hard, play hard

Now, that I’m older, I have realised life is not always about living at the limit.

Yes, pushing yourself to the limit is sometimes necessary. Doing everything to the extreme does let you experience things that you haven’t even imagined. This used to be the case for my exercise too. I used to like the extreme exercises, where after a full hour I’d hardly be able to lift my arms to open the door.

I have a friend who still argues that.  He drinks hard when it comes to pub crawls, but then workouts are hard too. He even eats pre-workout caffeine and then post-workout protein. He plays hard when out with friends, but then at work he’s first in and last out.

I think there is a limit in life where you can play by those rules. My limit came quite early. I had a health scare a few years back, and ever since I have been limited in what activities I could do. My doctors kept telling me to “Take it easy”. I hated that. Now, I think that’s not too bad.

Now I go by a different moto,

Everything in moderation.

Whether it be workouts, going out with friends, eating healthy or eating junk, everything in moderation allows your body to cope. Maybe it’s not the best way to bulk up fast, or lose weight fast, or enjoy all you can in the twenties etc… but I guess I’ve learnt the art of slow living. Yeah, it took a health scare for me to realise it, but a slow life isn’t necessarily a bad or boring one. It all comes down to balance.

Eat, love, sleep, travel, workout, play, work… all with moderation. I think that’s how you make the most of what God has given you.

oh, and on that note, I did do an hour pilates class and then a bit of running.

Running stats:

Distance 2.31 km

Time 14:07

Pace 6:06 /km

Elevation 10m




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