Portarlington Mussel Festival

Moving down to Geelong has its advantages. You are so much closer to the beaches down here, and also the festivals that happen here and there. One of the festivals that caught my eyes was the Portarlington mussel festival. I guess it is from my love of seafood, and I thought it involved unending supply of mussels.

We drove down on a sunny Saturday, and was wowed by the crowd that turned up. I have been to Moomba and other festivals in Melbourne, but this did take me by surprise as I didn’t expect so many people to turn up to a festival at such a far away location. We struggled to find parking on the street (let alone at the parking lot) and hence ended up with a bit of a walk.


_1250748 (2).jpg


The location is across the road from the Woolworth and Portarlington Primary School, and the entrys easily found with the $2 sign.

Once you get into the festival grounds, find any stall that is selling mussels, and they are so fresh and nice. Cooked onsite, I felt bad for the chef cooking up the mussels in the heat. A 20 minute wait is natural, hence make sure you’re not hungry when you arrive, and order early. Once your order is done, you can pick it up and enjoy it wherever you can find a seat or space.

There are multiple types of entertainment on site as well. Allow a few extra minutes (or more) to go have a browse in the many different stalls that are set up, as well as the entertainment provided on stage.

A advantage of this festival is definitely the proximity to the beach. So on the way home, we went for a pit stop at the local (?) beach. Actually, we drove all the way down to Ocean Grove. It is a beautiful beach, where I once nearly drowned during surfing, but I still love the beach.

As I remembered, the beach was as beautiful as it could get.

P1250842 (2)


There were still a few surfers on the beach trying to catch a wave, and the sand felt ever so soft under my toes. Although I’m not a fan of birds, my mum wanted to feed the seagulls, and hence while we were throwing random pieces of bread at them, we found one dark and large bird flying above us. We thought it could be a hawk of somesort, and I wondered why the seagulls weren’t flying away.

In fact, once it landed, I found it was a brown albatross. I’ve never seen an albatross before, so I’m just assuming it’s an albatross purely due to its size. It was easily double the size of the seagulls.


All in all, a day with perfect weather and beautiful food. The only downside would be the difficulty in parking, and the crowd we had to fight to get seats to eat our mussels.


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