Day 14 of 30 day challenge

The difficulty of the 30 day challenge is creeping up on me…. the pure amount of time it is taking to do the workout.
I can very much understand those who increase weights instead of reps as that seems to keep the time taken for the workout to be quite consistent even if you build up your strength. Increasing purely reps is a very tiresome journey. Which is why I am thinking once I start hitting the gym I won’t do this 30 day challenge again. But in Korean, there is a saying,

If a man draws a sword he must at least cut a radish

A ridiculous saying with a deep meaning, which I am going to take as

What I have started, at least finish once before saying never again.

So…. the long journey is ongoing:

Day 14:
70 x sit ups
85 x crunches
55 x leg raises
60 s plank

30 x push ups
55 x dips
65 x jab-cross (each side)

95 x squats

I had misread the chart and had been increasing reps by 5, not 10 for a few so today was catch up time.


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