It is back to work, back to business. A long drive in the morning and another in the evening. But today is Friday so it’s a coffee meeting on the way.

I stopped blogging last year as I wasnt going out as much. However, I do love coffee so I have been a frequent sipper at many different places. And I love going to new ones.

Rudimentary came as a recommendation from a friend who lives in footscray. Wasn’t a fan of this suburb before but have since changed my mind as I find all these great places to visit. The notion of going back to basics is something I admire and support. The place has many little garden beds, a little private courtyard and a clean and open space. You wouldn’t recognise it as a reworked container box at first sight.


The bright interior and preppy looking staff is very welcoming. Having water already on the tables was a good touch where some places it takes 10 minutes for them to remember to bring you water.

The coffee was just intense enough and I love my flat whites having just the right frothing of milk to bring the sweetness out. And this place had it all happening.


The menu changes seasonally and hence some items come and go where the traditional eggs and toast is still there. The food was new and interesting. I had the pumpkin and kale with haloumi which was an interesting mixture of taste. But the kale was a bit too salty for my taste. ‘Should have remembered to tell them low salt!’

Overall, a delightful place for a morning meeting, catch up and even family affairs. Very dog friendly too for your furry friends.


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