Close enough to nature

When I bought my new house, the garden was just as I liked it. Low maintenance, low water requirements and neat. However apparently that sort of garden does not appeal to my family. They like things that flower, luscious leaves and things that scream out Life!”.

Happy wife, happy life? Happy mother, life goes further. So to keep my mum happy we went to a local nursery.

My one and only request for the trip was a coffee and a nice break. So we ended up at the fig and hoe cafe.


The food option was limited but they had an array of sweets or snacks. The meat pie and savoury muffin was very nice and the relish accompanied by the cream cheese was a delight. Unfortunately the scones were a little disappointing for me. I like my scones a bit more fluffier, and this one tasted a bit too much like flour.

Coffee-wise, I recommend the black. The milk was a little too hot and coffee a bit weak for my taste but apparently the long black was very smooth.

All in all, being surrounded by greenery whilst enjoying a cuppa is definitely a reason I would re-visit this place. Next time I will know to eat before I go though.


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