Day 9 of 30 day challenge

Today is the last day of my Christmas break and hence I decided I will try to be good and go to my pilates class when I have time.
An hour of pilates, and I find the weather is too nice to pass… so I went for a short run on my way home.
Distance: 1.11km
Pace: 5:55 mins/km

And since I knew I was going to lavish out at my friends party tonight… I thought I would use up those calories and continue the 30 day challenge.

50 x sit ups (forgot how many I was supposed to do and did a bit more)
30 x crunches
40 x leg raises

25 x push ups
30 x dips
35 x jab-cross (each side)

65 x squats

I think I forgot to count on a few and I was too tired to do everything but I think I qualify for a break since I already did 1 hour of pilates and a run.

Going on and going strong… let’s see how long I continue for…


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