A trip out to Lygon Street

It was a day trip to Melbourne for some business and our family decided we will enjoy the day out going to one of our old favourites… Lygon st.
Lo behold why didn’t we remember that most of the restaurants on Lygon Street close on Mondays?

Thanks to an entertainment book voucher we found a place, thinking “at least if it’s bad, we can say we used the discount voucher“.


The place we went to was called Trevi, and it was an Italian restaurant. The pizza oven was impressive and we decided to have a taste.


The pasta was delicious without being too salty (some places just put way too much salt in the food). The Carbonara was not too oily and the seafood linguini was so fresh. I forgot to take the photo of our vegetarian pizza, but the pizza Base and the garlic focaccia Base was so fresh and light. Of course, the topping was great too.

The place is quite a bustly joint with the bar and coffee being popular, but I daresay this place does live up to the standard of Lygon st or maybe better than most.


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