Day 6 of 30 day challenge

On New Years Eve, it was a tiring night. Although I made the effort to pursue the 30 day challenge before heading to bed at a stupid hour of 2:00 AM, people were still partying and hence I got woken up continuosly throughout the night.

I had to wake up early in the morning, so the morning of the new years day was full of action. I even did a high ropes course (which ended up using more muscle than I thought due to the fear of falling) and jumped off a 5 m ledge flying like a fox. 😉

So I guess I skipped a day of exercise in the end. I just didn’t have enough energy to do another workout, and was too tired that I ended up sleeping from early afternoon.

When your new years resolution falls through, I guess you can quit, or just go on with it. Like life. So although I missed one day, I’ll just go on with it like nothing happened. All in all, as long as I make day 30, I’ll be proud of myself.

I guess I did feel a bit guilty though, so I included a small jog in the afternoon too.

Running stats:
Time 12:24 running, 9:24 walking
Distance 3.02km running, 676m walking
Pace 6:00/km running, 9:24/km walking
Elevation 9m

35 x sit ups
20 x crunches
30 x leg raises (15 x passing gym ball between feet and hands)
40 s plank

15 x push ups
20 x dips
30 x jab-cross (each side)
30 x elbows
30 x upper cut

60 x squats

Good workout day in total. Happy 2016.




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