Day 5 of 30 day challenge

Day 4 of the 30 day challenge was a rest day. And I rested very well.

Day 5 happened to be on new years eve. It was a 42 degree day, and I headed to the beach as it was church camp. Jumping around in the water breaking some waves, and the running around with kids I thought I had done enough exercise to justify skipping day 5. After yelling “happy new year” I thought I better do the day 5 challenge before I go to sleep. It was a semi new years resolution after all and I can’t break the resolution on day 1! 😉

So for day 5:
30 x sit ups
15 x crunches
25 x leg raises

15 x push ups
15 x dips
25 x jab cross (both side)

50 x squats

Oh my, it is too tiring and I am falling asleep.
Happy new year!


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