Day 3 of 30 Day Challenge

Today I had a housewarming with my friends. It was a busy day, where you never seem to do enough of shopping when you have a party. We spent all day yesterday shopping, and then this morning I had to go to the shops again. So after a trolley full of shopping, carting the drinks and ice and food around for people to have, saying hello, chatting, saying good-bye, it was a tiring day.

But, once everyone left, I decided I’ll go on with my 30 day challenge. I spiced it up a bit on things that I know I do better, so here it is.

25 x sit-ups
20 x diagonal crunches
20 x leg raises with arms
35 s plank

10 x push-ups
10 x dips
20 x jab-cross (both sides)
20 x upper cut (both sides)
20 x elbows (both sides)

40 x squats


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