30 Day challenges


When I went to the UK to visit a friend, she was in the process of a 30-day challenge. It seemed somewhat absurd as I’m not a believer of 16-week bikini body challenge etc., but she was a fan of this exercise and said she had completed it twice that year. I didn’t know how much it meant to ‘finish the challenge’ twice, and now I have more respect for her.

I thought I might give it a go about 2 years ago, thinking it will give me a program to do when I couldn’t be bothered thinking. Since then I haven’t finished it even once. So, since this is the time to set impossible challenges, I started the 30 day challenge again.

Although the chart says it all, here we go, the start (Yay! to being day 1, always the easiest part):

15 x sit-ups
5 x crunches
5 x leg raises
20 s plank (I tried doing a little more…)

5 x push-ups
5 x dips
10 x jab-cross sets (on each side)
Slightly modifying the program as I don’t like meaningless punches and I don’t have weights for the bicep curls

10 x squats




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