Benefits of Pilates

In the middle of the year I got into a motor vehicle accident. It involved two cars being written off and my first ride in an ambulance. Unfortunately it was the day after I bought my garmin vivoactive, (I was very much getting into long-distance running). I was told I wasn’t allowed to run for the next few weeks. I wasn’t allowed any strenuous exercise at all, and even had to reduce duties at work.

The fortunate part of this story is that I got introduced to something called Pilates. Until I started clinical pilates with my physiotherapist, my only encounter was a floor-based group session at the gym. Went once, and never again did I set foot in that studio again.

However, the benefit of doing proper physio is that it strengthens the muscles of your core to sustain your posture and reduce the strain in your body. Just read this webpage: Better Health: Pilates and Yoga.

I’ve found that exercise doesn’t necessarily have to feel strenuous to be effective. You don’t have to break a sweat to do good for your body. Due to my reduced exercise order from my doctor, I ended up walking a lot as a substitute. Two months of continuous walking everyday, I was finding that it was helping my leg strength and also, some of that belly-fat. So until now I’ve been boo boo-ing the world of the Pilates-sorts, and saying “That’s not a workout unless you feel it the next day!”. Now, I say, whatever rocks your boat, go for it.

Treat that body with respect.

♥ Lubullu


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