Starting over in 2016

It is a mean thing… something called a ‘New Years Resolution’. That never goes on for more than a few weeks. It’s even worse when that new years resolution was 2 years ago.

In my defence, it has been a busy 2015. My family decided to move back to Australia, where I live, and since they’ve come here, I’ve had less time to myself.

I’ve had a busy time at work, trying to wriggle some rewards for myself (which is always more work than anticipated), and I’ve finally jumped in and joined the market of homeowners.

Now that I’ve moved into a place that I can literally call my home, I’ve decided I may re-visit some of my old hobbies. One, was this blog.

I think the blog only started as a method of keeping track of my exercises and my food fetish. Now, I’m thinking, maybe it’s a way of keeping track of history, of who I once was. So that the future me can look at this a go, ah… yeah.. I used to be like that.

So once again, I set myself another impossible goal to achieve. Re-start a new years resolution, and re-start the bandwagon of exercise.

I won’t have that many food fetishes to blog about due to my lack of eating out due to the extended travel time (I could only afford a house quite far away from the city). However, who knows, this is only to remind my future self how I used to live in 2015-2016.


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