Workout set 6th February 2014

As i am off work today, I thought i might as well give the day off for workout too. In anticipation, I did go through a combined workout yesterday. It was chest/shoulder and arms.

Group 1:
10 x barbell curl to press (12.5kg) – this involves holding the barbell palm down and lifting from bottom position up to shoulder like a curl and then push on to an over head press.
10 x dumbbell chest flyes (5kg each hand)

Group 2:
10 x hammer curl (5kg each hand)
10 x lying tricep press (12.5kg barbell)

And a little bit on the treadmill….

i am feeling a little tired and stressed as i am organizing moving so I am rewarding myself with a passionfruit and lemon curd muffin.. I think I deserve a little treat after that workout!



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