Workout set 4th February 2014

Maybe I didn’t squat enough yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling it much in my legs. Maybe a little bit in my hamstrings, and for some reason I can always deadlift more than what I feel I should. Being a very windy day yesterday, I decided to leave my bike at work and hitch a ride with a friend home. The result, I was torn how to get to work. I usually drive, or ride my bike as the bike track is about 6.5km, but today I didn’t want to drive as I needed to pick up my bike from work, and the bus wasn’t coming for another 30 minutes. So I decided to walk…. and it was long.. roughly a 5km walk, took me about 50~55 minutes, and I was earlier than the bus! WIN!

Anyway, so I’m thinking the long walk probably helped in the post-workout of the legs… my colleague, hearing this, said he’ll push me harder today.. and NOOOOOOOO!!!! today was abs..

Group 1:

10 x lying leg raises (on bench to lower legs further beyond hips – targeting lower abs)

10 x standing oblique bends (12kg – 12.5kg)

Group 2:

10 x stability ball jack knife sit-up (legs on a yoga ball, in push up position, bring your knees to your chest whilst keeping the legs on the yoga ball, slowly return to position)

10 x Russian twists (7kg)

As the plan was to ride back home and I had volleyball tonight, I decided the treadmill could pass, and went straight to stretching. I have to say the workouts must be working since even after such a tiring session, and a very tiring ride home (so much wind!) I was able to play a good game of volleyball and all my teammates have commented how much better my sets have become. Yay!!!


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