Workout set 30th January 2014

Oh my, i just realized I didn’t put up my exercise sets from last week.people must’ve been thinking i have been slack and just splurging in the Chinese New Year feasts.
Late, but better than never: chest and shoulder workout for Thursday

Group 1:
10 x triple press (5kg dumbbell each hand)
10 x barbell row (20kg)

The triple press is a workout set of:
1. Overhead shoulder press
2. Inclined shoulder raise
3. Dumbbell bench press
Doing 10 reps of each with the same dumbbells.. so probably works your shoulders more than anything.

Group 2:
10 x lateral pull down (machine 50 lbs)
10 x push up

I think the German volume training of 5 sets of each group, rest, and another 5 sets was not ideal for the triple press as I was feeling a bit sick by the time I went to group 2. So i ended up giving up group 2 after 2 sets….
I dont know how people do this!!!!



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