The Horn, African Restaurant

Having a friend living in Collingwood is a good reason to go up to the neighbourhood for some exquisite cuisines of Melbourne. Today is ‘The Horn‘ which is an Ethiopian restaurant. It’s at 20 Johnston Street Collingwood VIC 3066, with easy parking on Johnston street or Fitzroy Street.

entry to the Horn restaurant
entry to the Horn restaurant

The interior of the place is quirky and colourful.


There is a good selection of food, both meat and vegetarian dishes. It is Ethiopian food, so be prepared to eat with your hands, as it is kindly explained at the start of the menu.

How to eat Ethiopian
How to eat Ethiopian

We ordered the Doro Salad, Godin Tibs special, Asa Tibs, Veggie Alecha, and a goat dish which has escaped my memory.


The food is quite flavoursome, but the salad was a little disappointing. The chicken was a bit tough, and it is quite difficult to eat a salad with hands. The goat dish was extremely nice, with the meat falling off the bones, and I’ve never had goat meat before so it was a fresh change.

The fish and lamb was on the spicy side, but it was quite nice and I think the vegetables was a little bland, but I still loved the flavours. There is live music on Sunday nights, which we only enjoyed the start of as we were leaving around 8 and the music started about then.

The place is definitely worth visiting just for the experience.
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