Gelato Messina

A line in Melbourne, oh, so not nice.

I am a hater of lines.. but this place I decided to line up as my friend told me the queue generally moves fast. Gelato Messina is a well known gelati place in Sydney, and this one in Fitzroy is the first to open in Melbourne. When I first saw the queue I was skeptical.

The queue in front of Messina
The queue in front of Messina

However, I thought, how often do I come up to Collingwood? Surely, I can just wait a little to try this ice cream out. I have to say, it was quite an experience with the ice cream flavours available.

Gelato Messina menu
Gelato Messina menu

There is even more on the specials board and although I have only been able to taste two, they were both great.


It is a very busy place in the inside, but just make your way through people when you get to the top of the queue as some people just stand around talking and deciding. I guess the Asian in me got the better of me and I did my best to push in politely.

The flavours I bought was ‘Jackin it up’ and the salted caramel and white chocolate.
It was smooth and tasteful and OH my the salted caramel so salty and white chocolate real chocolate!
Maybe it is not worth the queue as it is, but i would go back on a easy day and get some more of this gelati.

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