Workout set 21st January 2014

Normally I would have had a workout session on Monday, but after a firing weekend of helping a friend move, we decided to hit the hot springs on Monday afternoon and hence an unplanned skip to the normal workout.
The hot springs was so relaxing that I felt nearly every muscle relaxing and i guess that is why people take baths…

However, workout is normal on a Tuesday!

Group 1:
10 x Weighted sit up (5kg and then went down to 2.5kg)
10 x oblique dumbbell side bend (12kg)

Group 2:
10 x variation of superman (lifting arms and legs off the ground using lower back muscles)
10 x Russian twist (7kg medicine ball)

Near the end of the sets I was doing double the required reps as I wasn’t feeling the exercise at all.
As usual, 10 sets of each group with only a break after set 5 and 10.

After the workout, did my normal treadmill running, which starts at 6 incline, and today I tried a bit of interval training running at 13.5 speed for 30 seconds in between a minute of speed 11.

Haaa… tomorrow is off day! Yay!!



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