Workout set 16th, 17th January 2014

After feeling a bit sick and trying to cope with the extreme, and I mean extreme heat, it was so hot over the past week. As a recovery, we decided to take it ‘slightly’ easy.
(I have been a bit lazy with the blog writing so I’m writing for both days)

We’re still on German volume training, so as before, no rest in between the exercise only after set 5 and set 10 of each group.

16th January 2014

Group 1:

10 x dumbbell chest press (7.5kg each hand)

10 x one hand dumbbell row (7.5kg)

Group 2:

10 x barbell curl to press  (12.5kg)

10 x pushups (on an incline for me)

Finished up with treadmill workout:

2:00 – incline=6, speed=6

3:00 – incline = 6, speed= 9

3:00 – incline = 0, speed=11

2:00 – incline=0, speed=6

17th January 2014

As the chest workout yesterday was quite difficult, I decided to do half arms workout and half legs workout. Same as before, but only 5 sets of each group instead of 10.

Group 1:

10 x bicep curl – palms facing up (5kg each hand, near set 5 I changed to 3.5kg)

10 x tricep dip

Group 2:

10 x hammer curl – thumbs facing up (5 kg each hand)

10 x lying french press – hold plate arms above chest and pull down over head, and lift back to position (10 kg plate)

Group 3:

10 x sumo squat – wide stance feet pointing outwards (12kg kettle bell)

10 x calf raise (10kg each hand)

Group 4:

10 x tuck jump (half squat into jump tucking knees in to chest)

10 x straight leg dead lift (20 kg barbell)


2:00 incline=6, speed =6

3:00 incline = 6, speed = 9

3:00 incline = 0, speed =11

After all these exercises, remember to stretch!

Let’s hope my body is coping tomorrow when I help my friend move….


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