As the hotness of Melbourne was sleeping up, we decided to battle the hot with some hot Mexican food.
St.Kilda seemed like a nice area to eat, so it was bluecorn as per a friend’s request.

Bluecorn is located at 205 barkly street, St. Kilda, which is near the corner of barkly street and Acland street.


The heat must’ve brought everyone down to St. Kilda because the place was packed. Maybe it is the location, but after my dinner, I could say it is thanks to the food.


My friend and I ordered the slow cooked beef with sangria tacos ($29) and a chilli con carne with bread to share as an entree ($14)
Another friend ordered the pulled pork tacos and from his expression, it was amazing.
The slow cooked beef comes in a sizzling pot, and the beef just falls off the bone. The meat is cooked really well in this place, but the taco shells were a little confusing. They are not hard nor soft, so an in between Taco shell…
The chilli con carne was full of beef as well. The bread was nice and crisp, but would’ve loved some more.. (same goes to the taco shells for the slow cooked beef)
And guacamole is nice and soothes the chilli and strong flavours out.

We also had the crushed mint and lime lemonade (virgin mojito) for $7.50 which was perfect for the weather.

One waitress was very attentive considering the amount of people trying to fit into the air conditioned dining room, but the others were quite ignorant a lot of the times. It took quite a while to get the bill, pay it or get any drinks.
Overall, nice food and nice ambience. Would want to return to try the fajitas as they looked great.


Bluecorn on Urbanspoon


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