Workout set 14th January 2014

It was forcasted to be a 43 degree day (yes! I live in Melbourne!) And hence we decided to hit the gym earlier than usual. I was feeling a bit queezy and I don’t know whether it was the heat or the dumplings i ate last night. Despite my weak stomach, it was abs day.

Group 1:
10 x sit ups (without any weights because I wasn’t feeling good)
10 x standing oblique bends (10kg)

Group 2:
10 x leg raises (changed to alternating leg raises after set #5)
10 x oblique crunches

Since I didn’t go hard on my training i decided I would do a little more on the cardio to finish it off.

9:00 at incline=0, speed=9
3:00 at inclined=0, speed=12

I don’t know how I am going to survive the 43 degree smelting temperature for the whole week!



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