Workout set 13th January 2014

It has somewhat become a patttern, to go train in the gym with my friend. I am not sure what effects the exercises have had, but I guess I just have to persevere and continue on.

It is still German volume training and I have no idea if this is helping me, but my friend who has been working out for much longer than me is saying he us feeling it. So maybe this is working.

Group 1:
10 x back weight squats (barbell on back shoulder with weights, but this hurt my shoulder too much so I just had a 15kg weight held at my chest)
10 x calf raises with same weight

Group 2:
10 x straight leg deadlift (20kg) –make sure you don’t bend your back and if you’re not flexible, try with a little bend at knee, this might target more of the quads though
60 second wall sit

So, I changed my nomenclature such that I don’t get confused. Repeat each “group” 5 times and have a 60-120s rest, and then repeat another 5 times.

The training ended on the treadmill but my legs just wouldn’t work properly so I did a short run.
2.5 mins incline=6 speed=9
2.5 mins inclined=0 speed=11.5

And ssssstretchhhh it all out!!



One thought on “Workout set 13th January 2014

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