Gozleme Turkish Cafe

If you had started reading on of my first posts on food, it was about gozleme and how much I love it. I am a big fan of these savoury thin crisp and juicy inside pancakes(?) ever since I had my hands on them at a local farmers market stall. So when I got ditched by my friend for a lunch date I decided I will just check out this store which is next to, or in Queen Victoria Market.

I walked in not expecting anything as I had done no previous research, but just attracted to the word ‘gozleme’. It is actually the name of the cafe, Gozleme Turkish Cafe, located on 115-121 Victoria street right at the edge of Queen Victoria Market.

Gozleme cafe inside view

It can be entered from either side of the shop, via Victoria street or from the markets. It is near the fruit and vegies stalls and hence I did my shopping and decided to rest my tired arms and legs whilst enjoying a gozleme.

Mushroom, spinach and feta gozleme and latte

So, to be honest I was very disappointed with the gozleme as the fillings were barely there, and I guess I’ve been spoilt with having awesome gozleme until now. However, the coffee was surprisingly good. The milk was frothed nice and smooth and had a hint of sweetness. The coffee flavour was not intense but smooth and rich. Not my usual favourite, but definitely a nice break in between market shopping.

The other people seemed to be ordering more on the meat side, so maybe I should try that next time. Apparently the Lamb, feta and spinach gozleme is good…

Gozleme Turkish Cafe on Urbanspoon



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