Workout set 10th January 2014

Following a whole week of working out again, it was return of the arm workout. I don’t know whether I’m improving at all, but I was so tired I didn’t want to exercise and was half-forced into heading to the gym on a 33 degree day. Funny how as soon as you start, you become motivated and so into it.

Another day of German volume training:

Set 1:

10 x hammer curls (5 kg dumbbell in each hand)

10 x tricep dips (on bench)

Set 2:

10 x bicep curls (5 kg dumbbell until tired, moved to 3.5 kg dumbbells in each hand)

10 x standing tricep extension (8kg kettle bell until tired and moved to 6 kg kettle bell)


Repeat each set 10 times, with only a 1-2 minute break after 5 sets.

After the weight training, whilst your blood is still pumping head to the treadmill and run!

5 minutes of incline:6, speed:9

2.5 minutes of incline: 0, speed: 12


I really should take a better note of all the weights I’m doing so I can keep track of whether I’m getting any better. My friend has told me we are soon to visit the first ever exercise I did with him, just to see how much I’ve improved. I guess blogging helps in that sense that I’ve been keeping record of what weights and reps I’ve been doing. I just know the day I can do a pull-up will be the day I announce I have won!


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